We are

The Victors of Our Stories.

Yours has just begun.

Welcome to The Family!

We are a community of women who could have given up, but chose instead to continue on and endure using health, fitness and mindfulness to grow mentally, physically and spiritually. Our stories continue and take new meaning in helping others struggling in their own mental battles.

Together, We Conquer.

N;Active is about actively nourishing our minds, bodies, and souls. It’s about choosing to continue and endure, despite life’s challenges. Together, we unapologetically gain our sexy and power back, while living our truths as survivors. In this community, we make peace with our past traumas and move forward so we can empower and inspire the women around us. We are not afraid to love; we love freely, yet unapologetically, while setting boundaries to protect our peace and prevent others from hindering our daily growth as strong, powerful women. We choose life and growth, and remain resilient in our beautiful, unique journeys.

You belong here.

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